Danville kids cool off with giant sprinkler

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) It's no secret that southside is one of the warmest spots in our region, especially on a day like today.

Even with the uncomfortable temperatures, people in Danville are finding ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Two words: giant sprinkler. Doesn't that sound fun?

Kids were at the Coates Recreation Center Friday afternoon enjoying just that, and they were having a blast.

Danville Parks and Recreation takes this giant sprinkler around to different neighborhoods all summer long.

They just hook it up to the fire hydrants, turn it on and the fun begins.

They say some days draw a bigger crowd than others, and it all depends on the weather.

"With it being so hot, a lot of people have trouble coming out, but once they get here the water is freezing and all the kids are like, 'It's so cold,' and I'm like 'No, get back in the water it's so hot outside,'" says Community Recreation Leader for Danville Parks and Recreation, Emilee Agnor.

Each kid has his or her own way of enjoying the cool water. Some sit, others stand, and others, they just run through it.

No matter how you choose to cool off, you're definitely getting soaked.

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