Danville leaders eye new city track

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Danville athletes need a new track.

It's been 17 years since Danville has hosted a track meet, but the mayor's sports tourism committee wants to change that.

Tuesday city council will discuss whether to fund construction of a new track here, at Langston Focus School.

It's not that tracks don't exist in the city.

George Washington High School has a track, but it doesn't have lines, and it's very uneven.

According to City Manager, Ken Larking, the track is not regulation size.

"There's, I think, only seven lanes, and it's in severe disrepair," says Larking.

Langston Focus School also has a track, but it's the same issue.

"It's only six lanes, so you need to have an eight lane track and it needs to be in good condition, otherwise you can't have eight racers at the same time competing," says Larking.

At their meeting Tuesday night, city council will consider appropriating $1.3 million for a feasibility study and the construction of a track facility to be used by Danville Public Schools, Averett University, and to promote AAU track meets.

"All the organizations that are here and the institutions that are here in our community, we recognize that in order to really be successful we need to work together and be rowing our boats in the same direction," says Larking.

City council will be able to vote on the appropriation of funds at the next council meeting.

The city manager says the city is working on hiring an expert to look at the land here on the Langston campus to see if it is suitable.

It's still too early to know when the track might be a reality.