Danville mayor kicks off 7th annual Making Danville Shine event

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Mayor Alonzo Jones joined dozens of kids from the Head Start program and members of the Westmoreland Neighborhood Association this morning to plant some flowers.

The goal? To get an early start at Making Danville Shine!

Jones proclaimed that May would be the 7th annual Making Danville Shine month. It's a time to encourage residents to plant flowers, pick up trash, clean up their yards, and make their community beautiful.

"And it's a great thing to get our children involved so our children know, if they see something, say something, but at the same time, helping us if a piece of paper is there, teaching our children at a young age how to clean up and fix up and paint up and just continue to make our city shine," said Jones.

An official kick off will occur Saturday, May 4th at the Community Market.