Danville plans a $1.4 million project to improve two streets in the River District

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Danville's River District has a number of new locally owned business who benefit from the vibe of the area. Cheryl Sutterland, owner of Main Street Art Collective, says her shops location helps bring in new customers.

"When people walk by to get pizza or yogurt, it definitely gets people's interest when they see my sale sign or balloons outside." said Sutterland.

That's why the city has planned 3 projects to improve the way people get around. One, is a $1 million plan to repave Riverside Drive. The other two, will put $1.4 million towards the beautification of the 600th block of Main Street and South Union Street.

"Just to improve the spirit of people who come downtown that either live here, work, or just explore." said Chief Engineer Brian Dunevant.

"I think it will dress up this side of town and will make it look a little bit newer and cleaner, which will draw in more people and draw more eyes to the building." said Darcy King owner of King's Cropp.

The growth could cause some growing pains for King as construction could make access to her restaurant difficult. Still, she believes it'll all be worth it.