Danville experiencing spike in officers leaving the police department

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Danville Police Department says it will review why officers are leaving the force.

Four officers have left the department in the last two weeks.

A total of six have left within the last two months.

Department leaders say officers have left due to medical retirement, termination and wanting to be closer to their families.

Some have taken jobs at neighboring departments.

"I'm sure that those questions would be asked is, how can we keep tenure officers. How can we keep them here, keep them on point or get buy in to the department," Danville Police Lieutenant Mike Wallace said.

Wallace says the open jobs should not hurt their overall mission in the Danville community.

The department currently has seven openings.

In Pittsylvania County, Sheriff Mike Taylor says three of his deputies have left in the past month.

Taylor says a perceived disrespect for law enforcement was a factor for some officers leaving.