Danville police present strategy to tackle violence

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DANVILLE, Va. Danville went from it's lowest number of homicides on record in 2014 to it's record high this year.

The police chief and city manager met with city council this evening, They said crime has been a big issue this year and they laid out a plan to tackle it.

Danville Police represented short-term and long-term strategies to reduce violence.

Police chief Philip Broadfoot says gang affiliation is the leading factor in most of the homicides.

Short term goals include creating a gang task force,expanding their presence in at-risk neighborhoods, and developing public awareness campaigns.

"What the response from the police department will be in cooperation with city council and the community will be to target those gang members and also to try to establish programs that will prevent them from becoming gang members in the future," said Broadfoot.

Long-term, police hope to include reducing poverty and improving property conditions.

The city saw a record low in 2014 with only three homicides. The increase has many people in Danville concerned.

Linda Jones has spent decades living in Danville, and has hopes for the city's efforts.

"It's bad how they're killing one another. Too may people dying. Mothers crying, father's crying because their child's gone. I think it's very cold," she said. "I hope they succeed. These young people are too young to be going out like that.'"