Danville residents clean up after storms knocked over dozens of trees in the Westover Hills neighborhood

DANVILLE, Va (WDBJ)- The National Weather Service confirmed that a microburst brought 80 mile per hour winds causing damage to trees and power lines.

Clean up is underway in the Westover Hills neighborhood in Danville after Thursday evening's storms left knocked down at least 50 trees in the area.

With a number of yards with multiple trees down, volunteers with God's Pit Crew stepped in to help those in need.

For Bernie Francisco, the sight of all of the damage is still a fresh memory after a tornado ripped through his neighborhood last year.

"We still got cleaning from about sixteen months ago, that we are still working on so for it to happen again, when we weren't even through with the last clean up, shocking," said Francisco.

However this time even more trees fell in his yard and one hit his home, taking out a piece of his roof.

"We were looking out our picture window and when the wind started blowing we just ran for a safer spot." said Francisco.

After living in the area for 30 years with no problems, Francisco hopes the weather will give his neighborhood a break

No one was injured during the storm.