Danville sees no weather-related incidents amidst flooding

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - For the Dan River, flood stage is 21 feet. As of Friday night, the river had climbed six and a half feet above flood stage, making folks check out just how much flooding the city got.

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That includes getting in the water, with a canoe, paddling through a parking lot.

With roads closed and the Dan River spilling over, photos aren't enough. But thankfully no one needed rescuing, even as they got near and in the flood water.

"In the last 24 hours, I don't know about during the actual event, maybe a few minor accidents, but certainly no weather-related calls due to flooding," said Lt. Chivvis with the Danville Police Department.

Flashback to two years ago, though, and water rescues were consuming the police department during Tropical Storm Michael, when the river was just two feet higher than it is right now.

"It took us 2 and a half days to get it up this high; it'll take about 2 and a half days for it to go back down," said Rick Draznovich, director of Public Works for the city.

Drazenovich said the city has learned how to be proactive. Barriers up and problematic roads closed.

"Public Works Department has done a great job here in the city in preparing with barricades and that's certainly kept the police department and the fire department from having to answer a lot of emergency calls with motorists stuck," said Chivvis.

Drivers in Danville are obeying the signs, knowing from experience that cars don't bode well with risen water. It's better saved for boats.

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