Danville surveys damage, works on FEMA request

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Danville city leaders estimate $9 million dollars of total damage. Nearly $3 million of that is private property.

This past week, community development inspectors have been assessing this damage.

"You know with the foundation issues, sewer issues, I don't know if its a low bearing wall, looks like it might be, we'll go ahead and post it until we can get a contractor in there saying its safe for them to enter," said Dennis Bisson, an inspector for Danville.

Dennis Bisson says a house on Halifax Rd. is the 10th or 11th house he's had to mark as unsafe so far. He's driven all through the city looking for structural damage.

He then fills out a form on an app called Crisis Track. The information sent to the state to see if Danville qualifies for FEMA assistance.

"Now we're at the state where we just have callers calling in so we know where the damage is," said Bisson.

According to Danville's Fire Chief, David Eagle, the damage is widespread.

"We have reviewed just over 200 structures throughout the city, residential and commercial," said Eagle.

While those structures range in the amount of damage sustained, submitting them will help meet the monetary threshold.

"For Danville, its $158,000, and for the state its around $13 million," said Eagle.

The cutoff to submit damages though is November 12, which means its crucial for Bisson and his team to assess every property.

"And after this you know we have to touch base with the owner, what's your plan on fixing this, what's your timeline, have you called your insurance, just because of how much damage is done."

FEMA representatives will be in Danville next week to look at the inspections made so far.