Danville teenager holds Cease Fire Rally to unite community

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) More than 200 people attended a rally to stop the violence in Danville.

"Save this city! 1,2,3 Save this city! " chanted a group of people attending the Cease Fire Rally.

Speakers pushed the message: One city. One family.

George Washington High School senior Tyquan Graves organized the rally and is the founder of Save the Youth Inc.

Graves says the recent violence pushed him to move forward with his idea for the rally.

He is trying to create community engagement and a connection with the churches.

Speakers Wednesday night told the crowd it's time to put words into action and instill positive values in our youth.

"Actually going into these neighborhoods and I'm not just talking about random people I mean everybody coming together and investing in all of these kids who really have absolutely nobody there for them. I do mentoring and I told a kid I cared about him. And he looked at me crazy because he said no one had every told him they cared about him before," Community leader with Life Push, LLC Darrius Bethel said.

People took the chance to ask questions about summer programs available youth, and where churches and schools could help create positive role models.

In an effort to unite the city, folks who have been directed impacted by recent violence spoke to the crowd.

A representative from the Attorney General's Office and many city leaders including the Danville Police Chief, City Council and Danville Public School Superintendent were in attendance.

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