Danville trailer fire caused by unattended cooking

Fire officials in Danville say unattended cooking is to blame for a trailer fire on Greentree Road Thursday.

The Danville Fire Department was called to a possible structure fire around 3:45. When they arrived on scene, crews found a single-wide trailer with some smoke coming from the roof.

After walking around the trailer, fire fighters walked in through a door to find the trailer was full of smoke and a fire was burning in the kitchen. They also found a small dog waiting to get out. A second dog was in an unaffected part of the trailer and waited until the homeowners arrived.

Fire crews say they were able to put out the fire quickly. The fire department used three engines, one ladder, four support vehicles and 24 people to get the situation under control.

Officials say the homeowners will stay with family while their trailers are being repaired.