Danville youth getting involved in election

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DANVILLE, Va. Students in Danville from 8th grade to the collegiate level are getting involved in the election. They say getting experience and being knowledgeable is important at all ages, especially in this historic election.

For eighth grader Hannah Dow, this is her first time working for a campaign. Since September, she’s been volunteering at the Republican National headquarters in Danville.

“Going door to door asking people who they plan to vote for, making calls mostly is what I do," says Dow.

While she can’t cast a ballot, “Your vote does count, she says. "People don’t think it does, but it really does.”

Across the aisle, Averett sophomore Gabrielle South, interns at Senator Tim Kaine's Danville office.

Between classes for her 3 majors and minor, “I do a lot of paperwork, a lot of filing, I answer calls, I do a lot of scheduling," says South.

Gabrielle is the only person currently working at the Danville location, which has provided her unique experiences.

“Any kind of things that are going on in this area, I’m able to stand in. Kind of like a Senatorial presence.”

Regardless of candidates or political parties, it’s important for the youth to get involved.

“It’s just a close election. They’re the two most unpopular candidates and it’s crazy to think how many people are gonna be upset if one person gets it," says Dow.