Danville's Old West End getting improved one house at a time

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) One house at a time. That's how Danville leaders say they can improve the look and feel of a community.

The house at 864 Pine Street looks completely different this year than it did last year. It's all part of the stabilization project in Danville's Old West End.

Leaders say is a step to get rid of blight and create a friendlier community. Plus, with more people moving into apartments in the river district, some day they will want a home.

"We hope that the old west end will then be their choice," Senior Planner of the Danville Redevelopment Housing Authority Renee Burton said. "They can move here with their family, have their home, the yard but then still be just walking distance from the river district and all the amenities that they are used to. "

A grant allowed the city to fix the outside of the home and a shed out back. The new owners will have to restore the inside.

Leaders say cleaning up the homes will attract more people and businesses to the area.

Currently, the Danville Redevelopment Housing Authority has 30 properties and 6 under contract to be restored.