Dealerships busy with Takata airbag recalls

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) For years now we've heard about the Takata airbag recall.

28.8 million airbags have been recalled.

But the nation's highway safety watchdog says you can add about 85 million more that haven't been recalled yet.

It's keeping dealerships like Haley Toyota in Roanoke busy.

"It seems to grow every day," said Haley Toyota General Manager Chuck Baker. " I mean we're talking about 15 years worth of cars 14 manufacturers"

They work on anywhere from 8 to 10 cars a day affected by the recall.

"We were having a tough time getting the parts for the customers but now we're able schedule customers and usually within a week have the parts here and have them taken care of," said Baker.

If you get a recall letter, it can be scary.

The letters say the defect could kill or injure you.

While that is true, Chuck Baker at Haley Toyota says it's where we live that makes a difference.

"Here in Virginia I think that's way overblown, most of the cases where the airbag failed were in high humidity states," said Baker.

The metal devices that inflate Takata airbags can explode and send shrapnel flying.
Several years of exposure to high heat and humidity regions is one of many factors causing the defect.

Baker says there only a handful of problems out of millions of cars with Takata airbags, which puts you at low risk but he says even that's in unacceptable.

"We recommend when you get the recall come get it fixed but by no means should you stop driving your car.," said Baker.

If you don't feel comfortable driving your car, Haley Toyota says they will give you a loaner car.

You can always ask your dealer for one if your car is on the recall list.

Other options, are minimizing your driving, carpooling with someone else, public transportation, or the pricier option of renting a car.