Veteran drives "Purple Heart Fire Truck" to Lynchburg

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LYNCHBRUG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Veterans gathered at Monument Terrace Friday; just as they have every Friday for 829 weeks now. But, today was a little different.

Herbert Delbridge, a Vietnam Veteran, drove this decorated fire truck all the way from Richmond today.

It's called the Purple Heart fire truck.

Delbridge says he bought the 1983 Ford Pumper three years ago and designed this war memorial on it to commemorate the Vietnam war.

"Bring back memories and good memories now, hope … hope … because now I'm trying to ride them in parades and everything else so they can have a homecoming. We never did receive a homecoming, never," stated Delbridge.

Delbridge says the truck also commemorates other war veterans.

The decorated fire truck was also in the Veterans Day parade at Liberty University.