Deep cold in Hot Springs brings few problems, some fun

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HOT SPRINGS, Va. (WDBJ) The icicles were thick on Falling Spring, showing just how low it got.

“When it gets this cold, it’s just that much worse," explains Robbie Chestnut, the Hot Springs Fire Chief, "And worse on us.”

They’re happy to say, there haven’t been any calls at the Hot Springs firehouse.

“We have been lucky so far, and I hope we stay lucky,” says Chestnut.

But they have to be prepared for the extra effort weather this cold causes.

“When it comes to the apparatus and everything, you know, we’ve got the pumps drained," Chestnut says. "There’s still water on the truck, but the pumps are drained and everything so it doesn’t freeze going down the road, so when you get there the apparatus will still work.”

“We’re ready," says Paul Hvidsten, Hotel Manager at the Omni Homestead. "We have the wood ready with the fireplaces turning out heat, and we like it.”

At the Homestead, guests gather around fireplaces in the main lobby under the tree. Resort managers say the weather is only good news for them.

“For us, we want the cold weather," Hvidsten says. "I don’t want it to be 50 degrees, so I can go outside and enjoy it.”

Like in the ski area, crowded with snowboarders and skiers, even as the resort continues to make snow.

“And when you see the snow, and it is cold outside," Hvidsten says, "You get to bundle up, and you have the kids, you have the scarves, and you get to sit around the fire and have the hot cocoa and watch everyone run around, and again go back up on the ski hill, and embrace it.”

Making what might be a problem for most, a pleasure.

"Actually, I welcome the cold, especially this time of year," Hvidsten says, “So I can go outside and enjoy the snow.”