Demolition begins on Fire Station 7 in Grandin Village

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - You can tell a lot about a place by what it sounds like.

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"This is my passion right here; I love BBQ," said Nathan Webster, owner of Village Grill and Scratch Biscuit.

If it's before lunchtime in Grandin Village, that sound may be Nathan preparing his smoker. But if you walk the length of a football field away, you can hear a bulldozer.

It's noise Nathan isn't used to from the corner of Denniston Avenue and Memorial Avenue.

"What we are kind of missing is the sound of the fire engines ripping out of there every day," said Webster.


"I'll tell you, this is kind of bittersweet to see the old station come down; there's a lot of history here," said David Hoback, Roanoke's Fire and EMS Chief.

Since 1922, Fire Station 7 has been in Grandin Village.

"My parents started out in this neighborhood when they came to Roanoke and oddly enough 50 years later, I'm in this neighborhood, and that's always been here," said Marilyn Moody.

The building was something Moody could rely on.

"Every building has a soul. Maybe it's saying goodbye as well," said Moody.

Goodbye, but not forever. In one year, Station 7 will come back to life, a brand new space with an extra bay and room for male and female firefighters.

"The character of this old station will be carried into the, a lot of the woodwork that was inside has been reclaimed, we have it, we're gonna re-purpose it," said Hoback.

The crunching and the beeping will fade, and the measure of progress will include new sounds of construction before the engines return to their rightful home. A home, that may just be ready for the change too.

"You know, and maybe [it's] giving us the thumbs up to go ahead," said Moody.

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