Protest held in Blacksburg on Inauguration Day

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Protests following the Inauguration of President Donald Trump weren't restricted to Washington D.C.

There was some in Blacksburg near Virginia Tech.

The day started with performances and panels at the Lyric Theater, but then protesters took to the streets.

They went up North Main Street, took a right toward the Blacksburg Square Market, and wound up on the Drillfield at Virginia Tech's campus.

Organizers said the day was for the people who have been lost and depressed since Election Day.

Anthony Szczurkek with Coalition for Justice explained, "This was meant to represent we're past the point of mourning, we're done being sad, and we're now ready to act and get energized."

And despite blocking traffic at one point, they had lots of support.

While the main issue is the new President, there were other issues being protested.

Virginia Tech Masters student Madison Tepper said, "One of my biggest concerns it the current nominations for the various cabinet positions just because I want to see people who are educated and experienced in those fields take those positions, they're very important."

Jean Elliott from Blacksburg added, "As a recent retiree, I'm going to be paying for 8 years into a system and I really hope that healthcare is going to be there for everyone on an affordable level."

And while there was no violence, there were some showing up against the protest.

Virginia Tech Junior Jacob Yates said, "As long as it's peaceful I'm completely for protest, it's just I don't necessarily understand why they're protesting at this point just because he is the President."

Szczurek added, "I had kind of expected more detractors. All you really had were one or two stragglers just very pathetically chanting Trump's name and not really having any substantive arguments to offer."

There were people from Blacksburg, Radford, even Roanoke. Organizers said all of the Roanoke and New River Valleys were represented.

But the largest group was Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff showing their displeasure here on Day 1 of Donald Trump's Presidency.