Demonstrators protest Mountain Valley Pipeline in Giles County

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NEWPORT, Va. (WDBJ7) Demonstrators in Giles County held a protest Saturday against the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Landowners, county officials, and students from Roanoke College and Virginia Tech all met to show their displeasure with the possibility of the pipeline.

It came just one day after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said any negative effects of the pipeline are manageable.

This group said it's important to come out in big numbers to show support against the pipeline.

"It totally cuts across a lot of different boundaries, groups that aren't usually political," the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club President Diana Christopulos said. "Our organization normally doesn't get involved in issues like this. It's just such a disturbing prospect that we are here because we need to be."

Virginia Tech Junior Mary Desmond added, "I believe that if we don't come out these sort of things, we're not energizing the older generations and we're not giving them any sort of hope for a steady, healthy energy future."

Demonstrators also walked to Kelly Knob to see where the pipeline would run compared to it, whcih is planned for less than two miles.