Dentist gives back at free clinic

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Dr. Amy Moody is spending the day mentoring students at Lynchburg’s free dental clinic.

“I always knew I would do that. Again it was my desire to serve,” says Moody.

A desire fueled by a tough childhood.

“I grew up in Southwestern Virginia, extreme Southwestern Virginia where it’s really poor. And we didn’t have great care; access to care and our care was provided by a service much like our patients get here.”

Growing up, Moody’s grandfather made sure she visited the dentist as often as she could.

“It inspired me to want to do better not only for myself but for my patients as well.”

Prior to becoming a dentist, she spent two decades as a dental hygienist.

“My ability to give back and do more was limited by what the state says that I can do as a hygienist.”

So after taking time to raise a family, Amy went back to dental school.

“I graduated in the spring in May. And have been licensed to practice here in Virginia since the early part of June.”

Najjiyya Franklin-Huff met Dr. Moody while in dental school. And today she’s her mentor.

“Oh my goodness, she was a mentor even back then,” says Franklin-Huff.

She says her desire to serve is evident.

“I could definitely tell that it was something that has been engrained in her heart from an early age and it’s not just something that you know she’s doing to say she’s giving back to the community.”

Dr. Moody says, “It still feels unreal. I haven’t gotten to that level of reality yet. I hope I don’t, it’s very humbling.”