Deschutes Tasting Room set to open in downtown Roanoke

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Deschutes employees were making final preparations on Friday afternoon, unpacking glasses, counting coasters and arranging bar stools.

The Bend, Oregon-based brewery is preparing to open a new Tasting Room in downtown Roanoke.

"We're so close we can feel it," said Deschutes Tours and Tasting Room Manager Nathaniel Brocious. "And I think really the excitement and the momentum and all that we have been putting into this project for so long is culminating. You can feel that energy, that it's ready to happen. It's a very exciting time right now."

It's a very exciting time for western Virginia's growing beer industry that recently added Ballast Point in Botetourt County. The Starr Hill Pilot Brewery is also under construction, with the tasting room and music venue set to open in mid-September.

Deschutes won't break ground on its new Roanoke brewery before 2019, but Brocious says the company is excited about its new presence downtown.

"I think it's been really, really important for us," he said in an interview. "I think it's great for people to know that there is a brick and mortar location for Deschutes Brewery that they can come down to, be able to spend some time and have experience with our company, our beer, our culture. I think that's a really important element."

The public is invited to a grand opening party at the Deschutes Tasting Room Monday night from 5 to 9.