Detroit rapper charged with fraud after rapping about it

Screenshot from Selfmade Kash #HDTV YouTube video
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DETROIT, Mich. (WDBJ7) -- A Detroit rapper who boasted about committing credit card fraud in a song has been charged with credit card fraud.

According to Detroit News, Jonathan Woods, 25 also known as "Selfmade Kash,' has been charged with wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and possession of unauthorized access devices. The paper reported that he is in custody and a judge could release him on bond Friday.

“Woods claimed to be sophisticated at credit card fraud when, in fact, he is not,” prosecutors wrote in a six-count indictment unsealed Thursday in federal court.

Woods has multiple songs made in reference to credit fraud such as "In Swipe I Trust" and "
Swipe God Freestyle."

In "Swipe God Freestyle" Woods claims:
"I got them in they feelings
Off these swipes I made a killing
I made 10 ain’t have to split it

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