Developers offers $1 lease to restore public access to recreation fields at old Blacksburg High School

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A well used outdoor recreation spot in Blacksburg is now off limits. The tracks and fields at the former Blacksburg High School are now privately owned.

Right now people can't legally access the property owned by HS Development.

But a plan from the new owners to allow people back on the land for recreational use is in front of town council. It's a $1 lease for the front section of the 36 acre property that would reopen the land for public use. The town would be responsible for maintenance.

"We don't want anybody getting hurt back there. We don't want any more damage done to that property," said Jeanne Stosser, a partner involved in this project.

Signs warning people to stay off the old Blacksburg High School property are posted on fences, and stakes around the former school building. It's not the welcome runners and walkers are used to, but that could soon change.

"We certainly intend for the public to be able to continue to use the front of that property as they have been they just need to do it more at their own risk than maybe they even thought about before," Stosser said.

Jeanne Stosser, a developer and now involved with this project, is in charge of researching a useful repurposed plan for this land. She joined the owners over the summer after they formally made the three million dollar purchase.

The new owners closed off access to the land temporarily until Blacksburg responds to their offer. That proposed lease will end when there is a final plan for the property.

"We have some unsolicited proposals that have been given to us, I will say that, that really show some pretty awesome possibilities for that property. So we're reviewing those," Stosser said.

Stosser says putting a lot of houses on the site isn't the best use for this property.

The owners will discuss the future of the property with the Town of Blacksburg in mind.

Town council will meet again and consider the $1 lease agreement as early as next week.