Devils Backbone pairs beer with your Thanksgiving meal

Published: Nov. 19, 2017 at 8:26 AM EST
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Josh Knowlton, with Devils Backbone, stopped by WDBJ7 Sunday Mornin’ to talk with Caitlin Francis ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

He led a Thanksgiving beer pairings from Devils Backbone Brewing Company in Nelson County.

Their team of brewers compiled craft beers that pair perfectly with popular holiday foods--everything from turkey and mashed potatoes to pumpkin pie and stuffing.

Just like wine, different styles of beer work for different courses, and with more options in craft beer than ever before, it's easy to try several different kinds in one sitting.

Holiday Meal Beer Pairings from Devils Backbone

Bacon-wrapped asparagus and dates + Vienna Lager

Choose a balanced, more approachable brew for any appetizers. The sweetness of an amber, German-style lager like Devils Backbone's Vienna Lager melds perfectly with dates while complementing the saltiness of bacon. Amber-style lagers have no heaviness or bitterness, leaving you with mild, toasted and caramel tastes.

Turkey and mashed potatoes + Cran-Gose

Balance the heaviness dishes like turkey and mashed potatoes have on your tongue with a bright and slightly sour note of a Gose. The Devils Backbone Cran-Gose is a traditional Gose style beer with heaps of pureed cranberry added for a fresh, light and tart taste. Who doesn't love cranberry sauce beer with their turkey?

Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream + Danzig

The chocolatey coffee notes of a Baltic-style porter blend with the spices of pumpkin pie and the sweetness of the ice cream to create an added level of decadence post-dinner. Devils Backbone's Danzig is a robust, strong black lager that even has hints of caramelized sugar in it. Saving the boldest flavors for the last course leaves you feeling complete and won't alter how you taste your food in earlier courses.



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