Disabled Christiansburg man frustrated without use of driveway due to sidewalk project

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A sidewalk project in Christiansburg is causing problems for neighbors, especially one disabled man who now can't use his driveway.

The sidewalk project began a couple months ago. But on June 21, it reached the home of Joseph Parker.

Now the man who has problems walking can't park in his own driveway and has to park his car across the street.

When the project began, Parker said he spoke with the Project Manager about his walking issues, and he said that person told him they would be done in three days.

Parker said on Wednesday, "Last Friday they poured the concrete, came back Monday and said there was a problem with it and dug it back up, and they've made no attempt to relay concrete since Monday."

The Town of Christiansburg said the contractor, Gilday Enterprises of Roanoke, is a month behind on the entire project due to poor planning.

That's a problem for Parker, who suffers from Hemophilia, meaning he bleeds internally at his joints, especially in his knees and ankles.

So having to park at his neighbor's and walk home is tough.

He said, "I have twisted my ankle once where I had to take an effusion for that and I've just noticed more pain in my legs really from the last week because of having to do this on a daily basis."

Parker also said his road, Park Street, is a shortcut for cars, so it can get very busy.

"It's dangerous, I've had cars stop several times waiting for me to get across the road and it's really troublesome at night where you're worried about someone seeing you, so I try to get everything done early in the day," he said.

So to send a message, Parker nailed a sign to his tree displaying how many days the project has been going (eight days on Wednesday) and how many hours he's seen workers outside his home (three and a half hour).

Parker said, "I decided to go ahead and put a sign up just to hopefully encourage them to start working faster or doing something about it. I've even seen them drive by today, the foreman, and stop and look at the sign."

Wednesday afternoon the Project Inspector stopped by to read the sign.

He refused to speak with media, but talked with Parker for about 15 minutes during he was overheard admitting he didn't know about how long it had been an issue for Parker, but did know there was a problem pouring the concrete.

Parker said he hasn't reached out to the Town of Christiansburg, yet.

But Town representatives said if he does call them about the problem, they'll fix it free of charge. They'll come out to fill the space with gravel, creating a temporary driveway.

The question would be if he'd be allowed to drive over the cement piece once that's in?