Disco Mountain Bike Race Series at Mill Mountain

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The Wednesday Night Disco Mountain Bike Series started last week and being new to the area I wanted to conquer Mill Mountain ... or so I thought.

Mountain bikers young and old alike took to their bikes and made the 5-mile climb. Riders and volunteers checked in at the Discovery Center and then make their way down to Riverland Road Parking Lot for the start of the race. The climb is immediate and continues for a few miles before a nice downhill portion provides a brief time to catch your breath before you climb some more.

"I like the downhill on monument the best because it's like a little break from all the uphill on the whole ride," Zoya Raza said.

The trail is rated as an intermediate trail but it can be tackled by someone who is looking to add a new experience or adventure to their life.

"Some areas are really rocky and kind of hard to get by and it's just really fun," said Thomas Walton, a local mountain biker.

Have an interest to race or even test yourself in a new sport?

"The way that we line people up is the faster riders in the expert category are in the front and then the sport riders and then the beginner riders. So you shouldn't be getting passed by a whole bunch of people so it make it pretty beginner friendly in that aspect but you're still going to need to ride a mountain bike. These rocks and there's roots and its narrow trail. And sometimes its fast and sometimes the climbs are steep, but that's what kind of makes it fun. Is you come out here and give it your all," Renee Powers with Roanoke Parks and Recreation said.

All proceeds from the race go to Roanoke City Parks & Recreation to maintain and provide new trails in the city.