Don't toss it, fix it: Habitat for Humanity brings Repair Cafe to NRV

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Fixing things is becoming a treasured craft in the New River Valley. A new cafe in Christiansburg is serving up repairs for things that are broken at your home.

The Repair Cafe pairs those items that need restoring with people who have the means to fix them. The Repair Cafe will be housed at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Christiansburg and is destined to be a hit.

"We've grown into a throw away culture," said Shelley Fortier, the executive director of the Habitat for Humanity of the New River Valley.

Before you make a stop at the dump, try visiting the cafe with your old, broken things instead.

"Our mission is to keep things out of the landfill. Repair, repurpose, revitalize things," Fortier said.

If it's a broken drawer or a cracked cabinet there most likely is a repair person to help. That's the concept behind the Repair Cafe - don't toss it, fix it.

Habitat for Humanity of the New River Valley is calling all hobbyists, tinkerers or anyone who likes to fix things. It's at the ReStore where they may find an extra part to help repair someone else's broken item.

"We quite often have parts that we're not even sure what they're parts of, so we're going to try to bring together people who know how to fix things with people who need things fixed," Fortier said.

It doesn't cost anything to get stuff fixed but Habitat will accept donations.

There are no promises that everything can get fixed but it's worth visiting the ReStore anyway. This will be the first Repair Cafe in our region.