Downtown Lynchburg Master Plan kickoff

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Dozens came out in downtown Lynchburg for the city's 2040 Master Plan Kickoff.

The city is looking to add on to its current revitalization plan.

If you ask just about anybody who lives in Lynchburg what downtown was like 20 years ago, they'll tell you it's changed.

"There's always been some shops and things, but now it's like restaurants and bars and really cool new ideas," Tony Camm said.

Camm is the General Manager of the Holiday Inn downtown. He also grew up in Lynchburg.

"I remember on weekends coming downtown and to me it looked like New York City, it was just people all in the streets, on both sides of Main Street," Camm said.

While he's impressed with how the city has transformed under it's current master plan, he and others are looking forward to what's next.

"I wanna see more play. More things like pool halls, or like Dave and Busters type things, family eateries where you can play games," Camm said.

That's part of the city's goal. To give people who live and work in the city a chance to help shape it.

"We need a community driven plan that people will get behind and be willing to invest in and go to bat for.," according to City Manager Tom Martin.

The kickoff event even gave people the chance to write down what they like about Lynchburg and what they would want to see it improve.

The city is holding public listening sessions starting Thursday to give people a chance to voice their ideas.