Downtown Roanoke celebrates Small Business Saturday

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Businesses in downtown Roanoke had their windows decorated and signs up to attract shoppers for Small Business Saturday.

Laura Duckworth, co-owner of The Gift Niche said there's nothing like shopping local.

"You can get on the computer and order things off of Amazon, but you're not getting intermingled with people", she said.

Duckworth says one of her favorite things is seeing the same friendly faces, even new faces each year.

"It's been wonderful, we've seen a lot of big groups, small groups, old friends, new friends, out of towners, in towners", Duckworth said.

Some locals like Garren Medly come back each year for the same items.

"The community here is very tight knit and we all want to make sure that we are helping the community here thrive", said Medly.

He is originally not from the area and has never seen anything quite like Roanoke.

"I fell in love with the community and how everybody likes to support the small businesses and get the local businesses booming", said Medly.

Keep in mind this holiday season that a lot of small businesses have online shopping as well.

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