Downtown Roanoke prepares for the parade

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - We're all getting excited for tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day Parade and hope you are too! We headed downtown early to find out what you need to know before tomorrow's festivities.

A day before the Freedom First St. Patrick's Day Parade, you can see green in downtown Roanoke.

"Everybody likes a little bit of green," Pauline Wood, Owner of Shades of Colors, said.

Wood is selling a ton of green accessories to get everybody in spirit.

"I wait for this every year, and I am extremely excited, as you can see I've actually been out here two days already, so that's how excited I am, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and I'll be here tomorrow at least by 8:30," she said.

Downtown Roanoke Incorporated has been preparing for the parade for months.

"We always encourage folks to plan ahead, come down early, make sure they get a god parking spot, there's plenty of parking garages, surface lots around," Scott Arbogast, Events Manager for Downtown Roanoke Incorporated, said.

The routes will start at Jefferson and Elm, "and will go down Jefferson to Campbell, make a right on Campbell and will end on Williamson Road," Arbogast added.

The main parade route will close around 10:30 tomorrow morning to get ready for the crowd.

Arbogast said, "Throughout the day, we'll usually see about 15,000 people come downtown for the St. Patrick's Day Parade and Shamrock Festival, so it's just a really exciting time for downtown, a really busy day for all the retail and restaurants."

And to make this a safe event for everyone, the transportation service Big Lick Boomerang is offering free rides tomorrow. The service picks you up in your car and takes you and your car to your next location.

"It's our community safety, we have local residents and businesses that donate to our sponsorship that we do for the safe-driving program to encourage less drinking and driving," William Lilly, Operations Manager for Big Lick Boomerang, said.

They are offering free rides of up to $35.

Organizers want everyone to be safe and have fun.