Dozens of scarecrows celebrate fall, promote business in Rocky Mount

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ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WDBJ) -- Driving through Rocky Mount, it’s hard to miss the nearly 50 scarecrows lining the streets.

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"It’s just a very simple thing that ties the town together, that just puts a smile on your face, and how can you not like a scarecrow?" said Donna Wray, President of the Rocky Mount Community Partnership.

The town, its businesses and the Community Partnership have teamed up to deck downtown -- and beyond -- in these festive fall figurines.

"All the scarecrows are very representative of their businesses, so if people have an opportunity to come look at them, you’re going to be very surprised at the creativity," said Wray.

The custom creations range from a coffee-drinking scarecrow in front of the Whole Bean to a hay man-made of hardware in front of Angle Hardware.

"Ours has an Ace Hardware shirt on him, and some hardware-type items," said Bob Mills, the Owner of Angle Hardware.

The scarecrows are catching peoples’ attention and garnering positive reactions from customers: "They comment on mine and everyone else’s, I mean daily there are people coming in to say how cheerful the town is," said Wray.

The hope is some of the nearly 7500 drivers who pass through downtown every day hop out of their cars, check out the scarecrows up close, and stop in the nearby shops.

"There’s been so much social media engagement with this; everybody’s taking pictures of the scarecrows and sharing it, whether it’s the businesses or individuals interested in what’s going on, and it’s nice to have that level of engagement," said Matthew Hankins, Rocky Mount's Assistant Town Manager.

At the end of the fall, the Community Partnership plans to pick some winning scarecrows and award prizes to their owners.

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