Driver blames GPS after dump truck falls through parking deck in Boston

BOSTON (WBZ/CNN) - A loaded dump truck trapped more than 50 cars in a parking deck at a medical building after it fell through a hole the roof.

A dump truck fell through the roof of a Boston-area parking garage at a medical building on Wednesday. The driver said he was just following his GPS. (Source: WBZ via CNN)

Employees who parked in the garage before the crash are now at a loss for how they'll get to and from work.

The driver of the truck blamed his GPS for sending him on a dangerous route.

Workers in the building could hear a "loud bang" as the crash happened.

"We thought it was somebody falling down the stairs, but it actually was the truck going down, caving into the garage," said Rykia White.

Crews needed a crane to take the truck out, but it wasn't easy.

"This is a long-term project," said Deputy Chief Edward Fenby with the Quincy Fire Department. "It's going to take the crane company a while to set up. It's going to take them a long time to rig the strapping to pull this out."

The driver of the dump truck carrying gravel got lost and tried to turn around on the top level of the garage. The garage couldn't hold the weight, and the truck crashed through part way to the lower level.

The driver managed to get out and no one was hurt.

But, it's still an inconvenience for the more than 50 drivers who can't get into the garage to get their cars out. As of Thursday morning, it still was too dangerous to allow anyone into the compromised structure.

At least one car is damaged.

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