Duke Lemur Center welcomes Zoboomafoo's grandaughter, Marie

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(WDBJ7) -- Birth season has begun at the Duke Lemur Center (DLC), and one of the newest additions to the lemur family is Marie, the granddaughter of Jovian from 'Zoboomafoo.'

Courtesy of the Duke Lemur Center

The DLC made the announcement on the arrival of Marie last Thursday.

The celebrity lemur from Zoboomafoo, Jovian, died in November of 2014.

Marie was born on February 23, 2019, to first-time parents Gertrude, the daughter of Jovian, and Remus.

“Any first-time mom or dad knows how stressful figuring out how to be a good parent can be,” Greg Dye, new Executive Director of the Duke Lemur Center. “To see these two first-time parents be so successful is a huge tribute to them and to the DLC’s amazing staff.”

The Duke Lemur Center is a lemur sanctuary, based out of Durham, NC dedicated to protecting and studying lemurs-- the most endangered mammals on Earth.

Gertrude, Remus and Marie