EARLY YEARS: How kids spend their after-school hours can help make them more successful

ROANOKE, Va. After school lets out, kids can get the wiggles out at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia.
It's also filling a need for kids to gain the tools they need for success.

Students take advantage of the "Power Hour" for homework at Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia

"So, what can we do to help them in the afternoon that's going to really boost their performace in the classroom. Not just academically, but also have that confidence to ask questions, to make new friends, to report bullying," says Michelle Davis, CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia.

The after- school program starts with some down time.
Then, it's time to get down to business during what's called the "Power Hour," an hour of homework time.
Tutoring and mentoring are also available.

"We rely on volunteers for tutors. We bring in retired school teachers. They're great tutors. We use our own staff for tutoring as well," says Davis.

The classroom confidence initiative not only focuses on academics, but also on social and emotional well-being.

"That's when we get to creating confidence and to building those young adults."

Drama Matters is curriculum that offers kids a chance to perform and do improvisation in front of their peers.

"But more than that, it's about not taking yourself so seriously. It's learning how to stand up, be fun and funny and lighthearted, and having that confidence again to ask questions, to know that no question is stupid," Davis says.

That self-assuredness can help with classroom confidence and all aspects of a child's life.