EARLY YEARS: Roanoke County middle schooler collects donations for classmate in need

Published: Dec. 17, 2019 at 11:13 AM EST
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A Roanoke county middle schooler could teach a lot of us about the spirit of giving.

Seventh grader Bryson Lineberry is feeling more appreciative this holiday season. That extra gratitude started with a conversation he had with a classmate.

"He was saying that he sleeps on, like, the couch. He didn't really have a pillow. He had a small blanket. And some nights he didn't eat," said Lineberry.

The friend Lineberry was chatting with, along with the boy's father, recently immigrated here from Honduras. His mother and sisters had to stay behind. Life here is a struggle for the boy and his father.

That's what motivated Lineberry to do something. Thanks to help from his friends, and a Facebook fundraiser, he was able to raise $500.

"We got him a winter coat, sweatshirt, some other clothes," Lineberry says.

Lineberry says they also bought the boy and his dad some shoes, gloves, pillows, gift cards and a Christmas tree.

As you can imagine, Lineberry's mom, Kristin Grahame, is very proud of her son.

"To know that his heart is that big and that they can think past what they want for themselves and thinking of others is amazing," says Grahame.

Lineberry adds,"I'm starting to realize I need to be appreciative more of what I own and what I have."

That's a lesson we can all learn this holiday season.

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