EARLY YEARS: Cold War Veteran raising three great-grandchildren, thanks to help from Military Family Support Center

ROANOKE, Va. Roanoke's Military Family Support Center serves the families of active duty personnel, as well as those of veterans.

Cold War veteran James Graham is serving in a different way, raising three great-granddaughters.

Among the center's recipients is Cold War veteran James Graham.
Graham is serving in a different way during his golden years, by raising his three great-granddaughters. They'd been removed from their home due to their parent's drug use.

"So, they called us and gave us 45 minutes to get to the courthouse from Roanoke to pick them up or they were going to put them in foster care," says Graham.

He and his wife, Lenora, have had custody of the girls for over a decade. Raising the now-teenage girls has changed the landscape of their golden years.

"It knocked out traveling, which we wanted to do. But this was more important, taking care of the kids and keep them together."

The Military Family Support Center is helping make that a little easier, having provided food for the family at times and a monetary gift.

Because of their advancing age, Graham says his great-granddaughters often worry about where they'll go, if something happens to him or his wife.

"So, they're worrying about us, our age. I'm 83 years old and my wife's 78," he says.

For now, Graham is just taking it a day at a time.

"Feel more secure with the assistance that I'm getting from this organization and from the V.A."

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