EARLY YEARS: 99 Walks helps moms feel less lonely, get in better shape together

Published: Mar. 27, 2019 at 4:58 AM EDT
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National Walking Day is coming up Wednesday, April 3.

The mission of 99 Walks is to get moms up and moving together.

Macaroni Kid recently conducted a survey of 2,300 moms.

It found that 73 percent of moms are lonely.

Meanwhile, 89 percent want to lose weight, and 90 percent want to improve their fitness.

"(The) Flip side of that is that women who say they usually walk with friends were two and a half times less likely to be lonely. So, it kind of led us to this conclusion that walking is magic for moms," says Macaroni Kid Roanoke publisher Jamie Clark.

That's the ideas behind the birth of 99 Walks.

"It's the fitness, it's the wellness, what we're also addressing , the loneliness to change that to happiness."

Moms interested in joining can sign up online. Participants can sign up for just a month at a time, or a three month challenge.

"You bring a team with you, or we can put you together with a team. So, if you're new, and don't know anybody, we will match you with a team. So, it's three of you together."

In a month, you're encouraged to walk 99 miles together, or 33 miles each.

99 Walks has a Facebook page, along with inspirational texts and emails to keep walkers motivated.

And there's also some wearable inspiration.

You'll receive a shiny bracelet when you complete your miles each month.

"It's a little kind of reminder like, 'Hey, I'm accomplishing things. I'm walking. I'm getting fit. I'm not as lonely. I'm feeling happy."

Clark says to join 99 Walks for a month will cost you $16.

For the three month challenge, it's $40,

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