EARLY YEARS: Bringing out the charity in your children this holiday season

Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 5:45 AM EST
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In many homes with children, Christmas morning brings an onslaught of new toys.

If you want to make way for new gifts, why not do a pre- Christmas toy purge?

Macaroni Kid Roanoke Publisher Jamie Clark says on Christmas Eve, she has her kids fill a "Santa Sack."

"And what I have the kids do is to make room for new toys, we need to clear out their toy shelves. Look at things they don't use anymore, they've outgrown. And the idea is they will take these toys and we will donate them. Santa will pick them up. We put them in a sack," says Macaroni Kid Roanoke publisher Jamie Clark.

Clark says Santa takes the sack, and delivers them to kids that need them.

"It's so much that our kids have, I want, all kids to have that spirit of giving."

Clark also suggests that families extend that generosity to their neighbors and people who provide important services.

Small gifts go a long way.

"I know I keep our mail carrier and UPS and FedEx delivery guys and women very busy, so I always like to put together a little gift bag for them with a water bottle, a granola bar, you don't even have to spend money, but just a little thank you."

Adopting an angel is another way families can be charitable together. Clark says it's good for kids to help pick out a special gift for a child who really needs it.

"It's a big family thing they enjoy doing it because they like knowing that they're going to help someone else having a really fantastic Christmas."

You'll find more great suggestions on family giving ideas this holiday season on the Macaroni Kid Roanoke website.

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