EARLY YEARS: Resilience Week in Virginia

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 4:58 AM EDT
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This is the first-ever Resilience Week in Virginia.

We often hear kids are resilient, but this era of quarantine is especially tough. The Roanoke Prevention Alliance works to help kids build coping skills in all type of situations.

"We really need to bring awareness to some things that you can do to combat negative experiences happening in childhood, like abuse or neglect, divorce, incarcerated parents, things that kids really don't have control over," says Prevention and Wellness Specialist Lexi Johnson.

As part of Resilience Week in Virginia, families are encouraged to use a newly-created 31-day calendar as a teaching tool.

In it are suggestions like playing together as a family, enjoying what's around you, praising others and just taking time to BREATHE.

"For the whole month of May, there's a different resilience-building activity that's pretty easy to do at home, that parents can do and families can do together," says Johnson.

Johnson says these uncertain times can overwhelm children, who haven't yet developed coping mechanisms. She says listen to your kids, and comfort them with some quality time.

"It's just setting aside any amount of time in the day to be together as a family. No distractions."

A reminder that you're there for them, and there is help out there if you need it.

"It's really important that people realize that they can still reach out and get support.We just kind of have to do it in a different ways now," says Johnson.

For more information and to view the calendar,

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