Game of the Week: E.C. Glass at Franklin County

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The rain and mist couldn't put a damper on this one as the Eagles and Hilltoppers both look for win number two in our Spotlight Game of the Week.

A little rain can't put a damper on one of the best entrances in the game, but just like the statue, the Eagles got smacked around a bit to start the game.

E.C. Glass gets the scoring going in the first on a handoff to Quoterrius Craighead and he does the rest. Just like that, Hilltoppers up 6-0.

But the Eagles would respond, and as you can see, the play action certainly fooled me, but it sure didn't fool Jacob Stockton, who hauls it in for a 55-yard score and Franklin County takes a 7-6 lead.

Rain still coming down in the second quarter, and QB Dresean Kendrick takes it himself around the left side and in to put his Hilltoppers back up, and then on the 2-pt try, Kendrick again, this time he goes right, and in again for the conversion. 14-7 Glass.

But Kendrick wasn't done in the first half.

Nearing the end of the second quarter, Kendrick this time drops back to pass and finds his man Warren Horsley through the perfect window, and the Hilltoppers take a 20-7 lead into halftime after the botched extra point.

Coming out the half, Glass right back to work, facing a 4th down and 8 from the 11-yard line and it's Kendrick, who can waltz on in for another touchdown. Glass goes up 10 with a 27-7 lead.

On the ensuing kickoff, not much going right for the Eagles tonight. Clanks off a member of the return team, rolling right into the hands of the Hilltoppers and yup, that's a turnover. Glass recovers, and promptly marches right back down the field.

And you already know how Kendrick says, 'I got, I got, I got, I got...three rushing touchdowns on the evening." The fourth total score for the senior gives Glass a 34-7 lead in the 3rd quarter.

Franklin County tried desperately to get something going in the fourth but, yeah it was just one of those days. Sure, touchdown dropped by Stockton.

The flag is planted, as E.C. Glass rolls into Rocky Mount and dismantles Franklin County 34-7 in the rain.

DreSean Kendrick ran it in three times for the second game in a row, and the Hilltoppers stay unbeaten with a big-time road win in Rocky Mount. They'll return home next week for a matchup with Jefferson Forest while Franklin County heads down to Magna Vista.