Early results of NASA, University of Dayton testing show no risk from Radford Arsenal open burn facility

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) A study done at the Radford Army Ammunition plant is showing early signs of no issues with the plant's open burn facility.

NASA and the University of Dayton tested the Plant's open burn facility and the smoke coming from it. They flew a drone through the smoke to gather data and determine if the location is safe.

Preliminary reports say the smoke is not dangerous to people.

"The computer modeling we're using is correct, and our processes are in fact safe, which is what we've been saying but it allows us to say that with some scientific basis," RAAP Commander Lieutenant Colonel Alicia Masson said.

"We need a firm expectation of when we can go outside without any worry about what is in the wind," Citizens for Arsenal Accountability member Drew White said.

Lt. Col. Masson said they are designing a new explosive waste incinerator, which would destroy almost everything the open burn facility deals with.