Ed Gillespie criss-crosses the state after Roanoke stop

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Ed Gillespie spent a second day in southwestern Virginia, meeting with his campaign faithful and counting down the hours until the ballot box opens.

Gillespie joined other statewide candidates Jill Vogel and John Adams --campaigning for lieutenant governor and attorney general respectively -- Tuesday night, but three spent Monday morning apart to cover more ground.

"We're barnstorming the Commonwealth, my running mates and me and Kathy," Gillespie said. "You can see what we see here right now and all across the Commonwealth. It's incredible enthusiasm."

It's a tight race with polls showing Gillespie down slightly, but results are within the margin of error. Gillespie says he has the base to flip the odds Tuesday.

"The momentum is clearly our way," Gillespie said. "I believe that we're going to peak on Election Day, which is what you want to do, and we are going to win this race tomorrow."

In Danville, Vogel worked her way down the line of supporters, trying to fire them up against the Democratic counterparts.

"Are you ready to win tomorrow?," Vogel asked to loud applause. "And are you ready to send a message that we want to reject the kind of crazy, liberal, divisive ideology that we are getting from the other side in this election?"

Gillespie hit the same points he focused on with other stops in the region -- the economy, jobs, and improvements needed on Interstate 81.

And right alongside his campaign, his critics. Gillespie detractors brought an oversized inflatable chicken to drive home their point.

"We've been following Ed Gillespie around to all of his campaign events this weekend with this giant Trump chicken and a simple message that Ed Gillespie is too chicken to stand up to Donald Trump," Ben Bostwick said.

Gillespie supporters had their own fun with the presidential-looking fowl, branding it with a Gillespie bumper sticker before the candidate again headed out on his whirlwind tour.

"We're not going to let up between now and 7 PM [Tuesday]," Gillespie said. "I will be at a polling place 7 o'clock tomorrow night, getting every last possible vote that I can get."

Polls close at 7 PM Tuesday.