Eden residents react to KFC Explosion

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 5:48 PM EDT
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The pieces of rubble are now confined to the the KFC parking lot, but a few hours ago, they were scattered everywhere.

The intensity of the explosion broke windows of nearby businesses and woke up folks from right around the corner to miles away.

According to Eden Police, the explosion happened around 12:30 AM Thursday. When crews got to the scene, they put out a small fire.

"We heard it and everybody came outside and we could see smoke and we walked over. Looked across the street and the chicken place was gone," said Steve Malloy, an Eden resident.

The KFC was a well loved restaurant.

"Yeah I used to go there all the time with my family. I'd say we go like 2 or three times throughout the week," said Eden resident, Dishawn Terry.

But now, it's reduced to boards, nails, and dirt.

"Charlotte! Charlotte just had an explosion, Durham just had an explosion, and you never thought it'd be right in your home," said Malloy.

Malloy lives in an apartment complex walking distance from the KFC. He was one of the first people to see what happened Thursday morning and took video on his cell phone.

And he's not alone. Hundreds of Eden residents have stopped and looked at the damage from the Sheetz parking lot, which sits right across from KFC, all day.

"I guess I wasn't thinking the damage wouldn't be this bad, but looking at this. It's crazy," said Terry.

KFC Corporate released this statement earlier today saying in part that "We are devastated by this incident, but most importantly we are grateful that all of our restaurant team members are safe and no one was injured."

And the fact that no one was hurt, is the silver lining.

"Thank goodness, and we are so thankful for that, because I can only imagine if it was at lunch time or dinner time, the problems that we would have had," said Eden Chief of Police, Greg Light.

A cause has not been named yet but Piedmont Gas employees surveyed lines to see if it was in fact a gas explosion. Light said it may be a few days before a definite cause is reached.