Edmunds' Brothers give back to their hometown

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Most people in Danville know the Edmunds brothers.

"434 -- this is the area they grew up in this is where they were born, this is their city," said Felicia Edmunds, Terrell, Trey, and Tremaine Edmunds.

Graduates of Dan River High School, the three boys all played football at Virginia Tech. Now, they all play for the NFL: Terrell and Trey for the Steelers and Tremaine for the Bills.

Even with their careers, the Edmunds' have never forgotten their hometown.

"They have integrity, they have high morals and values and that actually exceeds their athletic abilities," said Adrian Massie, the executive director for Alliance Human Services.

Adrian Massie has known the family for well over a decade. In addition to raising three star athletes, Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds have also helped raise 22 children in the foster care system.

That's why this weekend, their sons are helping dozens of kids from Alliance Human Services get to the Tech game.

"We want them to have an experience that they may not have otherwise have had. A lot of them didn't know what a tailgate was," said Felicia Edmunds.

32 kids ages 8-18 will travel in style to Blacksburg Saturday. They get to tour the campus, tailgate, watch the game, all while getting to know Trey, Terrell and Tremaine.

"We're extremely grateful to be put in this position you know to have this opportunity to give back," said Trey Edmunds.

Even though winning is still on the forefront of the brother's minds, the bigger win is showing their hometown love, showing the people, the kids that makeup their hometown what it takes to be great.

"This is gonna be amazing. They're gonna see something they've never seen before and will maybe even say "I want to go to college." I may want to go to Virginia Tech," said Massie.

Massie also hopes this inspires more folks in Danville to consider fostering children. He encourages anyone interested to call Alliance.