Equipment stolen from two Lynchburg small business owners

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The Lynchburg Police Department is asking for your help finding two local businesses' stolen equipment. Sunday morning the owners found their trailers had been broken into.

Keith Otey, owner of Keith's Lawn Care, is owner of one of the trailers.
“Air compressor, welder, impact wrenches, chainsaws, power saws…” and that was just from Otey’s business.

Another trailer owned by Calloway Enterprises was also broken into. Both are stored at the Business Development Centre.

“We are a small business incubator first and foremost,” said Byron Steward, Executive Director of the center.

They provide business owners resources, with an end goal of job creation. The city has an operating agreement with them. The center works with small business owners from the beginning all the way through to the active business.

“It's not the cheapest thing to do in the world and if it was easy everyone would be doing it,” said Steward.

“Small Business it's very hard for us to compete with the big guys,” said Otey. “And to have a break in like we had it does hurt.”

Otey has two trailers. His second trailer, worth about $45,000, was at home for the night so it was left untouched.

“We have heavy duty locks, and they didn't cut our locks they cut the latch,” said Otey.
Otey can't say exactly how much the equipment was worth, but he says it's in the tens of thousands

“Without equipment, we pretty much can't do anything,” said Otey. “We are handicapped, but again, we are sure that we will come back.”

Otey has not had to change his schedule at all. Everything is still running on time.

Both businesses took the business development course at the center so they knew to get insurance. Anyone with information is asked to contact Central Virginia Crimestoppers.