UPDATE: Nearly 124 evacuations underway in Lynchburg due to imminent failure of College Lake Dam

Published: Aug. 2, 2018 at 9:49 PM EDT
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Lynchburg officials are urging people not to drive around barricades on flooded streets or downed trees.

People in a number of areas in the city have been evacuated to E.C.Glass High School.

They say people who were evacuated may not be able to return to their homes for at least 24 hours.

There are several street closures including: Lakeside Drive from Old Forest Road to Moorman Drive, Halsey Street, Hill Street, Greenwood Drive, McConville Road, and Monticello Avenue.

They say detours will be in place due to the "compromised state of the College Lake Dam" at the University of Lynchburg.

Officials say people should be aware of the potential for flood waters to have debris and other contaminants. People should stay out of the water.

The Black Water Creek Trail is also closed until further notice.


According to Piper Van DePerre with Lynchburg's Department of Emergency Services, crews are working with a list of 124 residences that need to evacuate because of the imminent threat of a dam breach.

Van DePerre says she was not sure if all 124 residences were occupied.

This total would be the number of structures that would be affected if the dam fully breaks.


Evacuations are underway in Lynchburg Thursday due to the threat of the College Lake Dam failing.

Heavy rains in this area have caused rising water and crews are using caution.

Residents in the area of the Blackwater Creek Trail in Lynchburg are being asked to evacuate.

According to the National Weather Service, the nearest downstream city from the dam is Lynchburg. They say if complete failure of the dam occurs, "the water depth in Lynchburg could exceed 17 feet in seven minutes."

The NWS says if you live in low lying areas below the college lake dam, you should move to higher ground immediately.

The following is a list of block ranges that would be affected in the event of a dam break.People living in these areas are strongly urged to evacuate:

• 20 block 7th St

• 20 block 9th St

• 3000 block Birchwood Dr

• 20-40 block Cabell St

• 0-20 block Clifton St

• 100 block Halsey Rd

• 2300 block Heronhill Pl

• 2800 block Hill St

• 3200 block Hill St

• 1900 block Hillsdale Rd

• 100-500 block Hillside Ct

• 700 block Jefferson St

• 2800 block Kulman Pl

• 2200 block Oriole Pl

• 200-300 block Peninsular St

• 100-200 block Stonewall St

• 1900 block Thomson Dr

According to the City of Lynchburg, Lakeside Drive from Old Forest Road to Moorman Drive, will be closed until further notice. Officials say if you typically use this route during your morning commute, you should seek another route.

The Lynchburg Sheriff's Office says the E.C. Glass High School auditorium is available for any residents who are evacuating their homes. Pets are also allowed. People wishing to enter the building for use the entrance on the Langhorne Road side of the building.

Evacuees from the Sandusky Apartments are being taken to the Salvation Army, the City of Lynchburg said in a Facebook post.

This is a developing story. We will update this article once we learn more.