Every police officer in Lynchburg now has a body camera

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) After months of testing, the Lynchburg Police Department is now fully equipped with body worn cameras. These devices are becoming more and more common with law enforcement across the country.

All LPD officers are trained and have been using the body cameras for about a month. The footage will not only be useful to the officers, but it could help prove if someone is innocent or guilty in the courtroom.

Thanks to the body cameras, Lynchburg Police officers are able to record everything when making a stop.

“When I activate my emergency lights, not only does the in car camera cut on, my body cam will also cut on automatically," LPD Sergeant Gary Fink said.

Officers are also able to manually control the devices.

“When I hit it twice, and I’ll go ahead and do it, it’ll indicate a beeping noise and I look down and it’ll be flashing red on top. When it’s flashing red, I’m actually recording.

Last fall, 10 officers tested out the body cameras for the department. Now, each of the 140 plus officers on the force has been issued a body camera.

Although they won’t replace the dash cams, they will be used as a reinforcement.

“The cameras in the vehicle, once I get 50 feet away from my vehicle, it no longer operates.”

The footage from the body cameras can also be used as evidence in court.

“The court systems are now gonna be equipped with a way for an officer to be able to go in there, log onto a system and they can pull that video up in court.”