Excessive heat is dangerous for pets, Martinsville SPCA says be vigilant

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) It's already been a really hot summer, and we aren't even to July yet.

The Martinsville SPCA says people need to be vigilant when it comes to the heat.

"If you're hot, and we're hot in this temperature in short sleeves and loose clothing, just imagine what it would feel like wearing a fur coat," says Catherine Gupton with the SPCA.

Experts say the best solution to beat the heat, is to bring your pets inside, but if you can't you should make sure they have plenty of shade. Dog houses are not good options.

"Those really don't allow proper air flow and they actually become little ovens in the hot, hot sun," says SPCA Executive Director, Nicole Harris.

Just like for us humans, water is also vital to cool them down.

"We get calls all the time about dogs not having any water and we get there and there's a bucket there the dog has actually turned the water over. Be a neighbor. Go give them a bucket of water," says Henry County Animal Control Officer, Scott Semones.

When you're out walking them, if the air is hot, think about how hot the pavement could be and how that can affect the pads of their feet.

"They may not react as in it hurts. They may just want to jog a little faster and you may think that they're excited, but they're actually in pain when they're doing that," says Harris.

If your animal does seem to be overheated, don't try to cool them down too quickly, that could be just as harmful to their body.

The SPCA also says that your outside animal should not have access to any standing water like puddles or kiddie pools. If they drink that the algae could be dangerous.