Excused absences for Roanoke County students who can't get to school

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ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Dangerous driving conditions are impacting some Roanoke County students.

School buses are finding it difficult to get through to some bus stops. Roads off of Bent Mountain are particularly slick. Cotton Hill Road, Merriman Road, Mason Crest Trail and Roselawn Road are in bad shape.

A spokesman for Roanoke County Public Schools says that children who are not able to safely get to school will have their absences excused.

Roanoke County Public Schools opened two hours late Monday.

Some parents had to scramble when the bus did not show up.

"Well I was home sick, so I could actually take them. If not, I guess I would have found someone to take them to school," said parent Jayme Welly.