Expansions planned for Devils Backbone Brewing in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) It's only been a few days since Anheuser-Busch announced they were buying Devils Backbone Brewing. The craft beer company’s founder and CEO, Steve Crandall, says this is only the beginning.

Crandall says the purchase will allow them to keep growing while keeping creative control on their products.

"They have deep pockets and they understand the brewing business,” said Crandall.

Devils Backbones Lexington location recently added three of these shiny new barrel fermenters which gives them a capacity of 150,000 barrels.

They're also planning to expand some of its operations unto the property of a former bowling alley next door.

"That's going to allow us to clear all this space out and we're going to more than be able to double the tap room. We're going to expand the parking lot outside,” said Crandall.

On top of that, they're planning to almost double their workforce of 140 employees. He said they plan to sell their product nationally within the next few years.

"We're going to see a more successful business here,” said Crandall. “A more successful company that is going to showcase what Virginia brewers can do.”

Crandall said he's looking to break ground on that new property within the next few months.

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